Debut album 'I Dreamt I Was An Astronaut' out now on Folkwit Records.

Clash Music (link)

"A cosmic gem... cooking up something special."

Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 (link)

"Unconventional, conversational and intimate."

Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 6 (link)

"Very good."

The Telegraph Culture (link)

"Hints of Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan... Stunningly candid."

Folk Radio UK (link)

"Jeremy Tuplin may be the missing link between Nick Drake and 'Space-Oddity'-era Bowie."

Boomtown (link)

"One of the founding fathers of the lesser known genre of space folk."

For The Rabbits (link)

"Sheer quality of his lyricism... Tuplin manages to take grand ideas and difficult themes, yet within them find both wit and common emotional ground."

Fatea (link)

"The music of the spheres... An astute originality" (link)

"Someone who is going to be filling halls and festival stages in years to come."

Independent Clauses (link)

"Formidable songwriting and vocal skills."

Santa Rosa Records (link)

"Deep, dreamy and cosmic"

GIGsoup (link)

"A fine wordsmith... delivers lines in a compelling fashion."

The Modern Folk (link)

"His deep, emotive voice is the star of this album. It has a singularity to it that makes me think of singers like Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen."

Sphere Music (link)

"His songs are rich in imagery and texture... I am reminded of folk greats like Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young who moved away from the common formula and created albums that stand out the test of time."

Whisperin and Hollerin (link)

"Cohenesque... A dextrous lyricist with an ear for gentle melody."

Song Club East Blog - live review (link)

"Jeremy gets under the skin of what it is to be... The Morning Sun is a special piece."

Right Chord Music (link

"Guitars plucked to perfection, rich vocals and lyrics that are as imaginative as they are touching, ‘Carry the Fire’ is an album that could compete with the best folk artists of modern times."

Amazing Radio's Aaron Phillips (link)

"Rather beautiful."