New album 'Pink Mirror' out 29th March on Trapped Animal Records - pre-order now / Debut album 'I Dreamt I Was An Astronaut' out now

Clash Music (link)

"A cosmic gem... cooking up something special."

Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 (link)

"Unconventional, conversational and intimate."

Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 6 (link)

"Very good."

The Telegraph Culture (link)

"Hints of Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan... Stunningly candid."

Folk Radio UK (link)

"Jeremy Tuplin may be the missing link between Nick Drake and 'Space-Oddity'-era Bowie."

Ondarock (Italy) (link)

"'I Dreamt I Was An Astronaut' is an album full of imagination... A perfect soundtrack... Magical"

Boomtown (link)

"One of the founding fathers of the lesser known genre of space folk."

For The Rabbits (link)

"Somerset's finest musical son."

Music Musings & Such (link)

"'Bad Lover' - 9.5/10 - Tuplin's songs are more like plays or a novel... He projects sweeping stories and worlds and tackles conventional subjects with a fresh perspective. It is rare to find a songwriter who does that and can still make the music so honest and open - whilst still leaving some mystery room and interpretation."

Americana UK (link)

"It's ridiculously catchy, has great lyrics and a fun video to accompany it."

Music Match UK (link)

"Playful, unconventional but utterly beguiling."

Fatea (link)

"The music of the spheres... An astute originality"

The Sunday Experience (link)

"Astronaut, a late runner for our single of the year. Perfection."

GIGsoup (link)

"8/10... A put down your drink/mobile-phone/pet and listen moment." (link)

"Someone who is going to be filling halls and festival stages in years to come."

Independent Clauses (link)

"Formidable songwriting and vocal skills."

Adam Wilson's Quiet Revolution (link)

An album of the year (I Dreamt I Was An Astronaut)